Areas of Expertise

You and your business in better times

Entrepreneurs have a plan. Or at least a promising idea. We can help you plan, as well as think through and realise your idea. This requires good agreements—between you and other businesses, and between you and your employees. These agreements must be recorded in a clear, unambiguous, and legally watertight manner. Naturally, they must align with the intentions of the concerned parties. This is what we do; we write and review contracts. We also assist entrepreneurs in dealing with third parties. Because contracts don’t just write themselves. For us, this starts with lending a listening ear: What do you wish to accomplish? How do others react to this? We’ll keep asking questions until we’ve put the right, precise phrasing down on paper.

For example, we provide assistance with acquisitions, helping either the buyer, seller or company. We guide the entire process, from negotiations to contract. We also help directors answer governance questions—not only when planning for a partnership or joint venture, but also when market developments or business succession necessitate this, or when conflicting insights arise between a company’s stakeholders. And because we are intimately familiar with the world of our clients, we can proactively address these issues; our experienced point of view lends us insights that often remain elusive to others—a matter of our expertise, and the knowledge of bringing together your market and company at the right time. Even when your company is doing well, you can always encounter internal disputes, or friction between directors, supervisors and shareholders. This may lead to legal proceedings. At UdinkSchepel Attorneys we have a great deal of experience – and success – with litigations at the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeals and other organizations. This is one of our important core capacities.

You and your business in the face of adversity

Entrepreneurship also means taking risks. Sometimes to a negative effect. In that case, we will advise you on how to solve your problems, even if these are not strictly legal matters. We will counsel you on how to avoid big(ger) problems. When affairs threaten to go awry, we help companies restore their administration. Think, too, of restructuring, reorganisation, turnaround, restart opportunities (including pre-pack), surseance van betaling and bankruptcy. You can count on us. We have successfully guided many directors, shareholders, investors and banks through these trajectories. Where possible, we help avert (threatening) financial troubles, also pertaining to banks (financing and collaterals). We regularly act as the insolvency administrator in high-profile bankruptcies. We know the tricks of the trade; we are also familiar with the other side of the coin. If you, as director or supervisor, are held liable by the insolvency administrator, UdinkSchepel Attorneys can expertly guide you.

The lawyers listed in have registered in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal areas. Based on this registration, they are required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.