UdinkSchepel, expertise in entrepreneurship

We know about business—from suits to lawsuits. We’d like to use our expertise to assist your case, your company. We work with companies in a variety of sectors, including the (semi-)public sector. In the Netherlands and abroad.


We have a wealth of experience and an impressive track record, crafted by lawyers who enjoy taking a different approach: creative, with verve and spirit. More entrepreneurial. That is UdinkSchepel Attorneys!

We believe in a practical approach where the solution comes first. Personal, with short lines of communication and competitive rates. When necessary, we’ll dive into the scientific depths. We’ll go the extra mile. Entrepreneurship often requires perseverance.

Our work is built on knowledge, which we love to share. Not only through serving our clients, but also through readings, courses, lectures and publications; these are available on our website and via our blogs.

Corporate social responsibility is of great importance to us. We support Amref Flying Doctors and are a recurring donor to the Mauritshuis. We also actively partake in research and education via ancillary activities in academics.

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