Bas Steins Bisschop



I have years of experience in the field of broad corporate law, and am specialised in technical company law, within which I work intensely both in theory and in practice. The knowledge and experience I have acquired in company law are invaluable in day-to-day business practice. Recently, for example, I was working on a completely stalled case between two shareholders. The parties were divided by complicated legal questions and sharp oppositions. Despite this, we were able to find a workable solution which balanced legal precision with practical feasibility—a great result for our client, and in turn a great result for us. Even after all these years my love for the craft has never waned, due to the combination of theory and practice. As a professor I know how to approach legal issues with a practical angle, and as a lawyer I keep up with the latest developments. In 2002 I founded the legal predecessors of UdinkSchepel Attorneys. From then on, I have always greatly enjoyed going to work, and have not known any stress. This is because our firm has a stimulating and supportive environment—there is no internal competition; our shared objective is to work in the client’s best interest.


  • corporate law, specialised in company law

  • organisation and reorganisation of companies

  • transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and finance transactions

  • corporate law disputes and litigation, including litigations before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeals

  • boardroom advice

  • special expertise, academically and practical, in the field of stock transaction, hostile take-overs and corporate governance

Education and Career

  • Professor of Corporate Law and Corporate Governance, Maastricht University (2007)

  • Professor of Corporate Law, Business University Nyenrode (2001)

  • PhD thesis on ‘De Beperkte Houdbaarheid van Beschermingsmaatregelen’ (‘The Limited Sustainability of Protective Measures’), Erasmus University Rotterdam (1991)

  • Attorney since 1975

  • Master of Laws, New York University (1975)

  • Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam (1974)

Additional positions