The healthcare industry knows a great momentum, and consistently garners attention from the media. Laws and regulations change often. This affects not only existing agreements, but also agreements you have yet to enter into with health insurers, healthcare offices, healthcare institutions and government institutions. We can help you navigate these developments, and adjust your business accordingly. We provide advice on reaching agreements with parties in healthcare industry, and compose these agreements.

The Dutch Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) monitors the industry, and is responsible for matters such as risk and incident supervision. Health insurers and healthcare officials carry out formele (procedural) and materiële (substantive) checks. Health insurers and healthcare institutions are engaged in this public debate. We will advise you on these topics and help guide you through these checks.

We assist healthcare entrepreneurs when, for example, a merger test by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) must occur, or when the healthcare-wide Governance Code is applicable. We assist entrepreneurs in privacy aspects, and advise on the required approach.