Interesting network

When our case calls for this, we work with the best lawyers from other firms both nationally and internationally. UdinkSchepel works intensively, but not exclusively, with other business service providers. Our clients have access to our extensive network of specialists in other disciplines – finance, fiscal, notary, HR, public affairs – and interesting business contacts. This can make the difference.

International network

UdinkSchepel Attorneys has an international network of reputable law firms in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Additionally, UdinkSchepel Attorneys is also a member of and the .

International Lawyers Network

We have been members of the International Lawyers Network (ILN) since 1991. The ILN is a global network spanning more than 5000 lawyers in 66 countries on 6 continents. Most of its members are specialized in corporate law and service companies. However, all areas of legal expertise are available, and as an international network the ILN is also often active in international litigations, acquisitions and asset tracing.

As one of the early members of the ILN we are well-connected to all its members. These connections are further ensured by the fact that Marc Udink served as the ILN’s European director from 1995-2012. Good connections are essential to transboundary work; upon referral, we will remain actively involved in your case, and will continue to guide you. Should you run into any problems, you can call us. Although you will be billed by the new firm, you will not pay a referral fee. This all to achieve our goal – guiding the client through international corporate life.

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