Marc Udink



My promise to clients is that, together with my colleagues, I will guide them through the legal jungle. During this process I am a leading figure, and am often seen as an indispensable representative of the management or entrepreneur. My background and experience mean I am comfortable in any boardroom. This requires extensive legal knowledge and experience, as well as a keen understanding of your problem and a familiarity with your industry. To me, the nature and severity of the problem are more important than how interesting the case is. We’ve got both feet on the ground: matters simply must be resolved properly. We simplify difficulties. This mentality binds clients to us, and vice versa. I maintain long-term relationships with all our clients, and, when they request or require this, sit down with them for a good conversation. We view our cases in a broad social perspective. This is how I train my colleagues, too, as we hold little added value to you with merely a law-book in hand. I always tell people to “make it work”—this is the mentality you’ll find at our firm: a generalist view on cases with a specialised solution, with the added promise of quick and to-the-point answers. I’d love to welcome you to our office in the future.